Lower Your Costs


  • For short trips, leave your car behind and go by foot.  Visit www.walkinginfo.org for information about walking safety and encouraging walking in your community.
  • Choose places you can walk to: type your address into Walk Score to find nearby destinations.


  • Take your bike: you can cover more distance on a bicycle than on foot, and in traffic biking can be faster than driving.  Visit bicyclesafe.com or bicyclinginfo.org to learn more.
  • Find bike routes, paths, and parking at OpenCycleMap.org.
  • Get car-free directions with Google Maps.  Choose “Walking” or “Bicycling” from the pull-down menu instead of the default “By car”.
  • Get motivated to exercise: measure a walking or biking route with the Gmaps Pedometer.  The calculator will tell you how long your route is, and even how many calories you’ll burn.

Take Public Transit!

Share a car!

  • Join a car-sharing program.  If you drive less than 7,500 miles a year and don’t use a car every day, car sharing can save you thousands.  Visit www.carsharing.net to learn more.
  • Use this calculator from New Jersey’s Department of Transportation to see how much you could save by walking, biking, or sharing the ride.
  • Carpool: if you share the driving with just one other person, you’ll reduce your fuel costs by half.  And you can use the carpool lane!
  • Find someone to share the ride with.  Use a rideshare matchmaking website like eRideShare.com or Zimride to find a buddy. If you’re in the Denver area, try RideArrangers.
  • Telecommute: reduce your commute to nothing by working from home.

If you have to drive…

Spend less on your car

Be more fuel efficient

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