What is Abogo?

Abogo shows you how transportation – the normal to-and-from trips you make every day – can impact your pocketbook and the planet. With Abogo, you can discover the costs of where you live now, or where you might want to live in the future. Abogo estimates the average cost of transportation for a typical household in the neighborhood, which includes the costs of car ownership, car use, and transit use. It also tells you approximately how much greenhouse gas (GHG) this car use would generate. All of this information can help you get a better picture of the true cost and impact of where you live.

Housing + Transportation Affordability Index

Abogo is powered by the Center for Neighborhood Technology’s Housing + Transportation (H+T®) Affordability Index. Instead of simply counting your housing costs to determine a location’s affordability, the H+T Index also includes the cost of transportation. This gives you a more complete sense of how the neighborhood fits into your budget.

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H+T Total Driving Costs

Gas costs are only a fraction of total driving costs. The majority of costs are due to owning and maintaining cars.

Enter a location and discover the costs of where you live now, or where you might want to live. This tool measures the costs of getting around for an average household from your region living in your neighborhood. It includes car ownership and car use. With this information, you can measure the true cost of where you live.

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