What is Abogo?

Abogo shows you how transportation impacts the affordability and sustainability of where you live. With Abogo, you can discover the costs of where you live now, or where you might want to live. Abogo measures the money an average household from your region living in your neighborhood would spend getting around, including car ownership, car use, and transit use.  It also tells you what the CO2 generated by this car use would be.  With this information, you can measure the true cost and impact of where you live.

Housing + Transportation Affordability Index
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Abogo is powered by the Center for Neighborhood Technology’s Housing + Transportation Affordability Index. Instead of only counting just your housing costs, the idea behind H + T® is to include the cost of getting around when thinking about the cost of living in a certain place.  This gives you a more complete idea  of how the neighborhood fits for your budget.

But wait, there’s more to come!

We’ll be adding features to our site, including:

  • personalized transportation costs
  • housing costs
  • saved searches
  • …whatever else you might think of! Send ideas to abogo-info@cnt.org.

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