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Since 1978, Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) has been a leader in promoting urban sustainability—the more effective use of existing resources and community assets to improve the health of natural systems and the wealth of people, today and in the future.

CNT is a creative think-and-do tank that combines rigorous research with effective solutions. CNT works across disciplines and issues, including transportation and community development, energy, natural resources, and climate change. CNT is the proud recipient of the 2009 MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions.

Transportation + Community Development

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Housing and Transportation (H + T®) Affordability Index

The H + T Affordability Index is the source that Abogo uses to find the transportation costs for your neighborhood. Visit the website to learn more about affordability and location efficiency, including information on housing costs.

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Transopoly® is a tool that’s as straightforward as a board game. Its purpose is to encourage public participation in regional transportation planning by clarifying risks, benefits, and costs.


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Real-Time Energy Pricing

Real-time energy pricing is a new way for you to save money on your home electricity bill, and is especially valuable to people who can be flexible about their electricity use during peak demand hours. For more information, see Power Smart Pricing (for Ameren Illinois Utilities customers) or The Watt Spot (for ComEd customers).

Energy Savers

Energy Savers is a one-stop energy efficiency shop for owners of multifamily buildings. It helps building owners invest in energy efficiency, which pays off by reducing energy costs, improving comfort, and maintaining quality building stock.

Natural Resources

Natural Connections logo

Natural Connections Interactive Map

Natural Connections allows you to create your own green infrastructure maps for areas in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.  Green infrastructure is the network of natural areas that provides space for wildlife habitat and recreation.

Green Values® Stormwater Toolbox

This set of tools helps you learn about what green infrastructure is and how it can save money. It also provides ideas on how you can improve your own area and neighborhood by capturing and managing stormwater.

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